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  • Our vision

    On the basis of the roadmap of "GSS" development is our vision – to make Yerevan the regional capital of solar...

  • Our mission

    The mission of "GSS" is the development of the renewable energy sector, particularly of the solar and wind energy...

  • Why choose us

    • Trustworthy and stable
    • Continous responsibility
    • Price - quality


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Client say

I did a market research and I chose GSS. After the launch of the system, I convinced that have not mistaken in my choice. The GSS staff is skilled in the job, professional, competent and willing to help. I am grateful that we have already such a great sector.

V. Sargsyan, 5 kW PV residential system

I am very satisfied with the services of "GSS". I have received all the answers to my questions before the installation and the installation has been done according to the envisaged plan and the quality. I think that "GSS" has professional and responsible team. The installed systems work smoothly and effectively.

V. Nikoghosyan, "HATIS" Restaurant Complex

Your feedback is very important for us!

GSS, Team


  • Consulting

    Solar energy

    Electricity demand assessment

    Photovoltaic (PV) system type selection

  • Design and installation

    Residential photovoltaic systems

    Commercial photovoltaic systems

    Industrial solar photovoltaic station...

  • Warranty services

    An uninterrupted operation of the PV system compononets

    Solar PV system prophylactic checking

    PV modules cleaning...

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