What is Green Energy


What are the sources of electricity generation ?

There are two sources of power generation - renewable (solar, hydro, wind, biofuels, geothermal) and nonrenewable (natural thermal energy mineral resources: uranium, coal, oil, gas, peat).

What are the advantages of renewable energy ?

Renewable energy, especially the alternative energy sources are inexhaustible and ecologically clean, they do not harm the health, the environment and climate, they are safe and economical.

The solar energy in the world and in Armenia

The modern world has entered a period of use of renewable energy, already recording significant results (for example, Germany has registered a record for electricity produced by solar panels in 2015, and  the figure has been equal to the energy produced by nuclear power plants. Both the solar plants and nuclear power plants have produced 5.18 MW/h of electricity per month, and the number of solar systems in the country reached 1.5 million). Globally the reason for the development of this industry are the problems of traditional energy resources consumption. Armenia has favorable conditions for non-traditional energy sources development and use (the annual value of the solar energy flux for the 1 m² horizontal surface in average makes 1720 kWh (the European in average is 1,000 kWh), while the quarter of the territory of Armenia is endowed with 1850 kWh / m2 per year Intensity of solar energy resources, and the number of sunny days in Armenia are 300 in average).

Some statistics

  • The solar energy industry leaders are Germany, Spain, the USA, China, Japan and Great Britain.

  • The 19.2% of the world demand for energy consumption in 2014 has been provided by the renewable energy sources.

  • China has invested $ 83.3 billion in the renewable energy sector in 2016.

  • The solar energy consumption in the US has increased for about 100 times over the past ten years. .

  • According to the WWF vision the world demand for energy consumption will be mostly powered with renewable energy sources by the middle of this century.

The solar energy sphere is in its development stage in Armenia. The construction of Masrik I plant is planned for this year. And nowadays there are all the conditions (legislative, financial) for the solar energy to be affordable, accessible and economical for both the business sector and for households.

Why it is recommended to buy a solar system as soon as possible ?

The solar energy is inexhaustible and free. Once the system is installed the energy will be free for more than 25 years.


* The primary goal of GSS is to develop the solar energy sector in  Armenia for the coming years. We are willing to help in all the stages - the project development, system installation and servicing.

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