Why it's beneficial to obtain a solar panel today ?


There are unprecedented low prices for solar panels now.

The prices of solar panels have decreased by 80%. compared to those of 2008 and more than 100 times compared to those of 1977. We have the opportunity to purchase a solar system with a quite affordable prices.

Purchasing  a solar system today is reasonable and affordable.

Solar panels have a 25-year performance guarantee and the investment return period, depending on a number of factors varies from 5 to 10 years. After the redemption period you can use the free, clean and safe energy producesd by the solar panel for at least 15 years.

Credit Opportunities

The recent legislative changes made the solar system acquisition easy and accessible. The funds allocated to this sector will contribute to a significant reduction of your expenses on the electricity.  

Please follow this link to learn about credit conditions.


Solar System is simple and easy to use!

After the system installation on the roof of your house, company, building or in adjacent area there will not be a need for taking care of it. Ease of use is conditioned also by  the automated work of the system. And the warranty service will be provided free of charge by our experts.


* The primary goal of GSS is to develop the solar energy sector in  Armenia for the coming years. We are willing to help in all the stages - the project development, system installation and servicing.

* For preliminary calculation of your energy consumption demand please fill in the solar calculator.

* Contact us via the contact information, and we will help you to calculate.